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Calling All Volunteers


Hello CDGC members. Today we are going to talk about becoming a helpful volunteer. I feel like everyone in Charlotte runs when they hear the word volunteer. I wish it wasn't that way. I also wish everyone truly understood how awesome and fortunate it is to be a disc golfer and live in Charlotte.

Calling All Volunteers2016-11-17T11:28:09-05:00

Food for Thought


What's up CDGC members. This is going to be a follow up article for the last article I wrote and some new things to think about. There were quite a few comments that we got about the CADG Facebook page and the CDGC page. I think most of the feeback was simply stating that you acknowledge the redundancy of getting double information, you all love both pages, and we all wish there was a solution. So...let me ask you this.

Food for Thought2016-11-02T08:45:41-04:00

Changing Things Up – Some Questions for Discussion 10-25-16


Hello everyone, I'm changing up this article to talk about a few things that might interest you. The first thing is the use of Facebook by our club members and fellow disc golfers in and around Charlotte. We all post under the CDGC link and the Charlotte Area Disc Golf link. Does anyone else find this repetitive? When I first moved down here from Michigan a few years ago now, Henry Childres told me that to fix that issue people needed to stop using both. So, my question to you is....Do you think its possible to eliminate using one of the links so that people don't have to double post things? FYI the CDGC is the one for the club and the Charlotte Area it is not the club link. I mean when Jim Banbury posts his Thursday Sugaw update I get 3 notifications about the same thing. Leave a comment and let me know what you think...

Changing Things Up – Some Questions for Discussion 10-25-162016-10-25T14:27:54-04:00

Weekend Recap 10-19-2016


Hello CDGC members. This past weekend we had some great disc golf weather. I hope you all had a chance to play. First things first, the Charlotte Club Championship registration is now open for those of you who didn't know. There is currently 78 people signed up. We will try to accommodate all CDGC members that would like to play. Please sign up asap to reserve your spot and to help us make decisions on what we are going to do. I also still need a few volunteers if you're not planning on playing. Thursday was an awesome day at Sugaw Am league. 36 players showed up. Jeff Sellers and Phil Oxendine tied for first place. Friday night there was a special version of glow at Bradford. Cliff Locklear and Kyle M. took down the win by shooting -9 in the dark.

Weekend Recap 10-19-20162016-10-21T08:37:37-04:00

Look Ahead 10-14-16


Saturday we have the Charlotte Children's Championship hosted by Steve Lambert. This is a C-tier event. The cost is only $27 for the kids to play and they get a sweet players pack that is worth more than that. Lunch will be provided. This event is at Renske and it starts at 8am. This is a perfect course for the kids to play. Should be a great time. I heard that World Champ Ricky Wysocki is going to be there with his siblings. Perfect time to get an autographed disc if you ask me.

Look Ahead 10-14-162016-10-14T18:50:38-04:00

Weekend Recap 10-11-16


Hello CDGC members. I hope you had a safe weekend despite hurricane conditions. Well, I don't even know where to start with this weekends recap. We had controversy at USDGC, a hurricane, league cancelations, and spur-of-the-moment leagues. Lets find out what happened....

Weekend Recap 10-11-162016-10-17T12:42:19-04:00

Look Ahead 10-7-16


Hello CDGC members. We are in for a wet weekend with Hurricane Mathew bearing down on the East coast. This should make for a very interesting finish to the USDGC. Make sure you check back on this site to see if any of the events get canceled this weekend due to the hurricane.

Look Ahead 10-7-162016-10-17T12:42:20-04:00

Weekend Recap 10-4-16


Whats up CDGC members. Hope you had an awesome weekend and got the opportunity to enjoy some of the great events that we had going on this past weekend. Lets see what happened.... Tuesday we had Will Schustericks Driving clinic. 25 people attended this event and I heard nothing but great things from everyone I talked to about it.

Weekend Recap 10-4-162016-10-17T12:42:20-04:00

Weekend Preview 9-29-16


Hello CDGC Members. I hope your looking forward to USDGC weekend as much as I am. If not, hopefully this article will get you more excited. First we start off with Friday morning dubs with Matt Cheney at Dry Creek at 9:13am. What a fun and challenging place to play. If you've never had the chance to play this course it is very challenging and has everything you would want in a disc golf course. I would compare it to Kilborne with a little bit more wide open holes. The ace pool is up over $200. If someone doesn't hit it soon I'm going to have to take a Friday off and give it a shot.

Weekend Preview 9-29-162016-10-17T12:42:20-04:00

Weekend Recap 9-27-16


Hello CDGC Members. This past week was a little crazy for us all I'm sure. We had Thursday Sugaw League canceled due to the protest. I would imagine that's the first time Jim Banbury has ever had to cancel Sugaw League for anything other than weather and I wonder if he has even ever canceled it for that.

Weekend Recap 9-27-162016-10-17T12:42:20-04:00
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