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What’s  up CDGC members. This is going to be a follow up article for the last article I wrote and some new things to think about.

There were quite a few comments that we got about the CADG Facebook page and the CDGC page.

I think most of the feeback was simply stating that you acknowledge the redundancy of getting double information, you all love both pages, and we all wish there was a solution.

So…let me ask you this.

Would you like it if the CDGC page was set to private and only current CDGC members could use it to talk about CDGC related infromation and communicating with CDGC Board Members?

Then the CADG page could be used as it is today for everyone to find players to play with and everything that happens on that page.

What are your thoughts on making the  CDGC Facebook group private to members only?

Here is our next discussion topic. CDGC is thinking about doing a point series next year for Charlotte area tournaments.

These points are going to be what gets you into the Club Championship at the end of the year.

How many tournaments would you like to see? Would you want the Club Championship to be rated? Should leagues count towards points? Would you be interested in a point series at all?

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Please leave some comments.

Jeff White,

Disc Golfer, Teacher, Coach, Uber Driver, and Friend To All

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