Meet the CDGC Leadership Team – Board of Directors

Dave George – President

I am extremely proud to be representing the Charlotte Disc Golf Club as a board member. I have been a “Club Guy” since I started playing disc golf in 2005. There is something amazing about the comradery you find in Disc Golf and that is especially true in the Disc Golf Club setting. I am a natural volunteer so it makes sense that I was drawn to the club scene and wanted to get involved with the CDGC the second I moved to Charlotte in 2016.
As a member of my original organization the New Hanover disc golf club in Wilmington NC I rose to the rank of President running the club for 8 years being re-elected 4 times which makes me the longest sitting president in the clubs 17-year history. I also TD’d the Azalea Disc Golf Tournament for 9 years. I was eager to lend the skills I learned while leading the NHDGC to the Charlotte Club which is why I joined immediately after relocating to Charlotte.
While in the club and a member of the board I am eager to work hard to help the club and disc golf in Charlotte be the best it can be. I look forward to meeting as many club members and Charlotte disc golfers as possible. I want to be a board member of the people so if you have ideas about how we can make disc golf better for everyone in the queen city area my ears are always open!

Phil Cannon – Vice President

Phil Cannon #86986
CDGC Board Member & Event Coordinator
Social Media and Communication Influencer
Former Course Director at Reedy Creek
Former Bailey Road Disc Golf Camp Leader (2017,2018,2019)
Co-Volunteer of the Year- 2019
Recipient of a Volunteer Award- 2018
Latitude 64 Team member
30+ years of Retail/ Educational Management
I started Disc golf in 1977 in Norton Shores Michigan.
All-American High School -Football
Scholarship Athlete at Tulane University
7 time Michigan State Cycling Champion
3 time Michigan Cross Country Ski Marathon Champion

I moved to the Charlotte area in 2017, specifically, for the Disc Golf scene. I took my retirement and have thoroughly enjoyed becoming part of the Charlotte Disc Golf Club. I currently spend much of my time coordinating with Tournament Directors for future events/Tournaments in our area, or getting volunteers to assist on bigger projects and maintaining various courses as needed. I was very much involved, with helping our Operations Director, prepare Hornets Nest Gold for the 2019 DGPT finals.

I see a very bright future ahead for the CDGC, and I enjoy making our presence known better on social media and through my contacts in the sport. I want to see us develop a more robust campaign to attract and keep our members/future members informed of current and future events in a broader method.

Mark Huether – Treasurer

Thank you for the opportunity to serve, again, in a leadership role with the Charlotte Disc Golf Club. I highly value the responsibility of this position and strive every day to meet our mission of “Growing the sport of Disc Golf in Charlotte.” For me, safe, well-maintained, and properly designed courses as well as a healthy relationship with our park partners is a critical element of meeting our mission.

I live in South Charlotte with my 2 young boys and wife and have designed or co-designed many of the regions disc golf courses. We are members of Hope Community church on Rea Rd.
I also enjoy sports, Crossfit, and traveling the United States.

Why do I serve on the CDGC Board of Directors?

In order to continue the work that I have started and keep momentum with the course maintenance teams I feel that it is important to be part of the decision making tree. This allows for a quicker flow of resources to our course directors and quicker communication with the parks; who have been doing more and more as a result of the increased communication. We have Eastway, Robbins, and R.L. Smith reconstructions and new courses in the works that I would like to continue to pursue.

I have a passion for disc golf in Charlotte. I have proven this passion out through blood, sweat, tears, even surgeries! I wish to continue to toil to the best of my ability to keep Charlotte the disc golf mecca.

As a professional in the consumer products and retail industry for over 20 years I have gained experience leading teams, communicating to executives on strategic projects, and even presenting to large supplier groups. The detail and processes needed to succeed in this environment carry over well to being part of a board of directors. Additionally, I have over 12 years of disc golf experience including the following:

·       280 courses played in 42 states

·       I have played in numerous Pro and Am majors and A-tiers

·       I have built, designed, or co-designed 7 disc golf courses

·       Currently I am the Director of Operations, overseeing communication with parks and course directors for 17 local disc golf courses and as a consultant for 4 more.

During my past terms

·       Wrote bid and won bid for the 2018 PDGA Amateur Disc Golf World Championships

·       Identified and managed the team that prepared Charlotte for the event and ran the championships at a profit for the Charlotte Disc Golf Club

·       Competed and won MA40

·       Convinced parks to spend over $200,000 on course improvements

·       Replaced baskets at Kilborne and Reedy Creek

·       Utilizing trail repair budget to make infrastructure improvements at Reedy Creek, Sugaw, Kilborne, and Renny and Nevin to come

·       Made decisions and voted on opportunities that have seen our membership rise to almost 500 members and $30,000 in savings.

Rachel Hinson – Secretary

I have a unique set of experience from my past jobs and volunteer work. While working at a nonprofit as an Operations Analyst, I oversaw a $826,000 annual operations budget while supervising 4 staff and a group of volunteers. I managed about 2.5k monthly facility maintenance plans, regular improvement projects, and the IT systems. I implemented business wise standards to increase cost savings and efficiency, while standardizing policies and procedures through negotiating contracts and training manuals. I also have experience with attending board meetings and regular communications/preparing agendas.  

Before being promoted to the Operations Analyst position, I worked in as a volunteer coordinator with over 200 volunteers at weekly events. During special community events, I supervised over 550 volunteers with over 2,000 attendees while coordinating online registration through people databases and bringing in community organizations to participate in the events. As part of my role, I managed communication and social media for volunteers as well as promotional material for volunteer recruitment. I mainly developed promotional material through pictures I took and edited in Adobe photoshop. I currently work in construction project management with planning, budget, and customer service duties. I would like to be a part of the Charlotte Disc Golf Club Board to help organize volunteer efforts and increase member participation. As an active member of multiple leagues including women’s league, I hope to help increase women participation in leagues and tournaments.

Karen Hawks – Director of Sales

Hi my name is Karen Hawks I am the director of sales for the greatest Disc Golf Club in the world the CDGC! I have been playing disc golf for a little over 4 years and I am truly obsessed with the sport!  I am extremely outgoing and love meeting new people especially on the course, it is a passion of mine to grow this sport! I have had the honor of being able to volunteer at some of the most prestigious events here in Charlotte and look forward to helping bring more events to this great city in the future! I look forward to meeting y’all on the course!

David Weaver – Board Member

Disc golf has been a major part of my life since I discovered the sport almost 15 years ago. I was introduced to disc golf here in Charlotte while in high school and like most of you, I quickly got hooked. Within a few months of picking up a  disc for the first time, I joined the CDGC and began meeting  people like Stan McDaniel and Jim Banbury who taught me in my formative years that service to the sport is an essential piece of being a true disc golfer.  

I have been extremely lucky in my disc golf life to have the opportunity to experience a lot of different  areas of the game. Some of the things I am most proud of include founding the North Carolina State  University Disc Golf Team, serving on the PDGA Disciplinary Committee, traveling to 48 states and  playing over 450 courses, and serving our club through course work and most recently designing and  constructing Eastway Park (over 500 hours of volunteer hours spent in 2021). 

Our club is in an incredible place right now. We currently have around 700 members, several great local  Tournament Directors and leagues, an unmatched repertoire of courses, a parks department that is  excited about disc golf and the service we provide to them as a club, and a handful of members that are  dedicated to keeping our courses in as good of shape as possible. This year alone, our community  contributed over 1,700 hours of volunteer work at Eastway Park and that’s only 1 of the 15+ courses the  club manages. I cannot speak enough to how lucky we are to be able to live in what I consider to be the  best city in the world for disc golf. 

Ethan Elyasian – Board Member

My name is Ethan Elyasian and I have been a Charlotte, NC native for the past 30 years. I was born and raised in the Queen City where I attended all of my grade schooling as well as completed my Undergraduate at UNC Charlotte. Because I went to UNC Charlotte I was given the amazing opportunity to start playing Disc Golf over a Decade ago, as Reedy Creek park was less than 10 mins down the road. What started as just a fun way to get out of the dorms and kick it with some friends out in the beauty of nature transformed into an ultimate passion.

After College I drifted away from the sport as I began working and finding less and less time to get out on the course. Until one day I finally met some Co-workers who were pretty heavy into the sport, which gave me the perfect excuse to immerse myself back into the game that I loved so much. Eventually I met some very close friends outside of Disc Golf at a friend’s birthday party back in 2017. We talked about Disc the entire time and they eventually invited me out to my first ever league. Although I had been playing for nearly 8 years at the time, I had never attended a league or tournament. I can remember my very first time at Sugar Creek League like it was yesterday. I met one of the most influential people (for me) in Disc Golf that Day, Jim Banbury. I played with a bunch of people I had never met and had the most amazing time. From the very first day I knew I wanted to be involved in the CDGC in whatever way they needed me. 

Eventually in 2019 myself and great friend, Michael Knepp, were given the opportunity to become Co-Course Directors at Nevin. I would learn just about that same time that 2 very influential people in the CDGC would be moving on and no longer running club doubles, 1 due to moving to NY and the other due to a new work opportunity requiring a lot of travel. Without hesitation I accepted the responsibility to become a Course Director and run CDGC Doubles every Tuesday moving forward and I am so glad that I did. Later in that year I would lose my job at an establishment I put 7 years into and thought I would eventually retire from. At that time I began helping miscellaneously at other courses here and there, built a new hole or two and attended many workdays that were not my own. But that wasn’t enough, it was the only thing I could do to get my mind right and keep my head on my shoulders. I would eventually accept responsibility as the Course Director for the home of the DGPT Finale, Hornets Nest! Along with also starting to help out with Signage as the Signage Director as the previous one needed to pull away. Additionally during that time I presented to the board the possibility of running a Friday Lunchtime Singles League so that people who worked 2nd/3rd shifts or had the day off could come play a league as many of the others at that time were right at 4/5PM (after the typical 8-4/9-5) and there were not many leagues going on at the time. And so began the Lunch League. I would ultimately like to thank the CDGC for allowing me to wear so many different hats and help in the capacity that I did because it was an extremely hard and depressing time, but fortunately I had Family/Friends and Disc Golf to keep me going. 

Flash forward a couple years. I’m still running Club Doubles, I have been Course Director/Marshall for 2 DGPT Championships, Signage Director when I have the time and filler TD/League Director to anyone in our club whenever needed. I have been and am still willing to bend over backwards to help the club in whatever ways I am able. I wish I could quantify the amount of hours that I have spent doing something for the club, with no benefit to myself other than the feeling that comes with knowing you accomplished something that everyone will be able to enjoy, but it really doesn’t matter because there is so much more to be done. I would love nothing more than to have an opportunity to be on the CDGC Board to help orchestrate and balance all of this tremendous growth.