Meet the CDGC Leadership Team – Board of Directors


Disc golf found me in 2007 when I was 57, and I’ve loved it ever since. I belong to the CDGC because I enjoy the many likeminded people, and I believe the Club is in position to help the sport reach new heights in this region, making it even more of a destination for anyone playing the game.
I believe a major CDGC goal over the next two years is to broaden our talent base. We need more tournament directors, course directors, committee members and involved players. This would allow the club to present high-quality events while maintaining, improving and expanding our course offerings.
As a board member, I am responsible for promoting the club, advising event directors and assisting with event logistics. With my background as a writer and editor, I also assist with club communications.
My favorite club event is Sugaw Creek Am League, and not because I run it. SCAL, then directed by Fred Dean, was the first DG event my son and I played in. We loved it. It didn’t matter that we sucked. There were always great people to meet, friendly competition and the fascination of winning and throwing new plastic. Back then, and today, you see a very diverse set of players – young, old, male, female, multiple ethnicities, families, skilled players, newbies, and more. It’s an entertaining event that is great fun for everyone.
To be an even better club, the CDGC needs more members to play a role – volunteer for an event, organize a workday, be on a committee, offer suggestions and criticisms. This is the sort of help that will make it possible for Charlotte to grow membership, encourage new players, host major events and take a leadership position at the forefront of disc golf.

Matt Cheney – Vice President

“I like Turtles”

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Brian “BT” Timm – Treasurer

I have been playing disc golf for a little over three years now.  I first played the game when a coworker asked me to join him for a round.  It did not take much time before I started playing more and more.  I played Bailey Road Park primarily when I started and several people had asked me to join them in the Bailey Road Glow League.  Eventually I did join them.  I have met many people, and some of those people have become some of my closest friends.  Through them, I learned about the Charlotte Disc Golf Club and how people volunteer their time to maintain the courses and oversee all of the really enjoyable leagues and events.  I started to become more active with volunteering and am now a board member.
As treasurer, my primary responsibility involves handling the financial commitments for the CDGC.  However, I also volunteer my time to help maintain our great courses.  I also aim to promote this great sport, assist with event logistics and to reach out and grow the sport.
Charlotte is already a premier disc golf destination.  I believe the club can take an already good thing and truly make it great.  When everyone chips in a little, the results are impressive and inspiring.  My desire is to see the club and the sport both grow, and to see members of the club play an active role in the disc golf community.  I also think that reaching out to others is by far the best way to grow the club and sport; after all, if none of the Bailey Road guys had reached out to me, I may have never heard of the club!
I am looking forward to serving the disc golf community in this role.  I hope you will join me in being an active member and helping to keep and improve upon the Charlotte disc golf culture.  And I hope to see you on the course as well!

Dave George – Board Member

I am extremely proud to be representing the Charlotte Disc Golf Club as a board member. I have been a “Club Guy” since I started playing disc golf in 2005. There is something amazing about the comradery you find in Disc Golf and that is especially true in the Disc Golf Club setting. I am a natural volunteer so it makes sense that I was drawn to the club scene and wanted to get involved with the CDGC the second I moved to Charlotte in 2016.
As a member of my original organization the New Hanover disc golf club in Wilmington NC I rose to the rank of President running the club for 8 years being re-elected 4 times which makes me the longest sitting president in the clubs 17-year history. I also TD’d the Azalea Disc Golf Tournament for 9 years. I was eager to lend the skills I learned while leading the NHDGC to the Charlotte Club which is why I joined immediately after relocating to Charlotte.
While in the club and a member of the board I am eager to work hard to help the club and disc golf in Charlotte be the best it can be. I look forward to meeting as many club members and Charlotte disc golfers as possible. I want to be a board member of the people so if you have ideas about how we can make disc golf better for everyone in the queen city area my ears are always open!

Mark Huether – Director of Operations

Thank you for the opportunity to serve, again, in a leadership role with the Charlotte Disc Golf Club. I highly value the responsibility of this position and strive every day to meet our mission of “Growing the sport of Disc Golf in Charlotte.” For me, safe, well-maintained, and properly designed courses as well as a healthy relationship with our park partners is a critical element of meeting our mission.

I live in South Charlotte with my 2 young boys and wife and have designed or co-designed many of the regions disc golf courses. We are members of Hope Community church on Rea Rd.
I also enjoy sports, Crossfit, and traveling the United States.

Why do I serve on the CDGC Board of Directors?

In order to continue the work that I have started and keep momentum with the course maintenance teams I feel that it is important to be part of the decision making tree. This allows for a quicker flow of resources to our course directors and quicker communication with the parks; who have been doing more and more as a result of the increased communication. We have Eastway, Robbins, and R.L. Smith reconstructions and new courses in the works that I would like to continue to pursue.

I have a passion for disc golf in Charlotte. I have proven this passion out through blood, sweat, tears, even surgeries! I wish to continue to toil to the best of my ability to keep Charlotte the disc golf mecca.

As a professional in the consumer products and retail industry for over 20 years I have gained experience leading teams, communicating to executives on strategic projects, and even presenting to large supplier groups. The detail and processes needed to succeed in this environment carry over well to being part of a board of directors. Additionally, I have over 12 years of disc golf experience including the following:

·       280 courses played in 42 states

·       I have played in numerous Pro and Am majors and A-tiers

·       I have built, designed, or co-designed 7 disc golf courses

·       Currently I am the Director of Operations, overseeing communication with parks and course directors for 17 local disc golf courses and as a consultant for 4 more.

During my past terms

·       Wrote bid and won bid for the 2018 PDGA Amateur Disc Golf World Championships

·       Identified and managed the team that prepared Charlotte for the event and ran the championships at a profit for the Charlotte Disc Golf Club

·       Competed and won MA40

·       Convinced parks to spend over $200,000 on course improvements

·       Replaced baskets at Kilborne and Reedy Creek

·       Utilizing trail repair budget to make infrastructure improvements at Reedy Creek, Sugaw, Kilborne, and Renny and Nevin to come

·       Made decisions and voted on opportunities that have seen our membership rise to almost 500 members and $30,000 in savings.

Brian Killmore – Volunteer Coordinator

Josh Tolley – Membership Director

Hi, my name is Josh Tolley have been playing disc golf for almost 10 years now. I just recently ran for the board last year and I’m currently serving my first term. I’ve learned a lot since joining the board of directors and I look forward to learning even more about what it takes to run a club of this size, with as many members as we have. Some of the things I’ve learned about since becoming a board member include, realizing how many tasks the board faces on a weekly basis. There’s always a problem to address, whether it be handling the many tournaments and leagues we run, or fixing an array of issues on our courses.

One of my main duties in the club is maintenance and upkeep of our course signs. Since I’ve taken on these responsibilities, I’ve overseen the installation of brand new signs on 6 of our courses and wrapped the bands of the Renaissance baskets in order to help differentiate the courses. Some of these courses include my personal favorite RL Smith and Sugaw, home of my favorite club event Sugaw Am League.

My vision for the club would be to continue to grow our sport in Charlotte and to promote volunteerism among the members. To become a better club, we must have more help from our membership. This is something that it took a while for me to realize. For my first 5 years or so of casually playing, I didn’t do a thing to improve our courses. Once I finally joined the CDGC I saw how much work it took to maintain the courses and felt an obligation to contribute. It finally clicked for me. I used to play ball golf every weekend, and would gladly pay $20-50 a pop to play. Here I was playing all of these beautiful courses like Hornets Nest and Renaissance and not having to pay a dime. Once I thought about it, it almost felt like I was stealing in a way. This is when I really started to seek out opportunities to volunteer, and I found that there are many! I hope to educate our members on how they can use their time and talents to help give back a little and keep Charlotte as the best Disc Golf city in the world!

I look forward to serving out my term as a board member and would definitely consider running for another term if the membership sees fit. Thanks for trusting in me, and I look forward to seeing you out on the course!