Dave George


I am extremely proud to be representing the Charlotte Disc Golf Club as a board member. I have been a “Club Guy” since I started playing disc golf in 2005. There is something amazing about the comradery you find in Disc Golf and that is especially true in the Disc Golf Club setting. I am a natural volunteer so it makes sense that I was drawn to the club scene and wanted to get involved with the CDGC the second I moved to Charlotte in 2016.

As a member of my original organization the New Hanover disc golf club in Wilmington NC I rose to the rank of President running the club for 8 years being re-elected 4 times which makes me the longest sitting president in the clubs 17-year history. I also TD’d the Azalea Disc Golf Tournament for 9 years. I was eager to lend the skills I learned while leading the NHDGC to the Charlotte Club which is why I joined immediately after relocating to Charlotte.

While in the club and a member of the board I am eager to work hard to help the club and disc golf in Charlotte be the best it can be. I look forward to meeting as many club members and Charlotte disc golfers as possible. I want to be a board member of the people so if you have ideas about how we can make disc golf better for everyone in the queen city area my ears are always open!