Weekend Recap 9-27-16

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Hello CDGC Members. This past week was a little crazy for us all I’m sure. We had Thursday Sugaw League canceled due to the protest. I would imagine that’s the first time Jim Banbury has ever had to cancel Sugaw League for anything other than weather and I wonder if he has even ever canceled it for that.

Quite a few of the CDGC members made it all the way out to the Sneeky Pete Tournament. Then we had some crazy weather yesterday during Bailey Glow and Women’s League. Some of you may not have known that Charlotte Putting League actually happened last night. Lets get to the results.

Friday morning doubles was at Reedy Creek Stout. Twenty people showed up, and Marc Savard and Scott Carter ended up winning with Ryan Kenney and Adam Bell right behind them. There’s still a $200+ ace pool at Friday Am Dubs which rolls into Dry Creek this week.

This weekend we had the Sneeky Pete Tournament hosted by Chuck Spike Hyzer Connelly. Big Jerm finished in 3rd, Austin Turner got 8th, Henry Childress got 12th. Debbie Scott won 1st place in Open Women. Todd Hardesty place 6th and took last cash in Masters. Way to go Toad. Jason Hennard tied for 3rd in Advanced. Good job guys and gals way to represent CDGC.  Big ups to Philo Brathwaite, who’s an honorary Charlottean for winning open.

At Chuckers AM League we had Maison Bennett coming in first place followed by Reid Alexander and Ray Rivera. I didn’t hear of anyone hitting the ace pool, or the birdie pool. Chuckers will be ON this Saturday, and then off the following for USDGC.

Travis Chumley was the huge winner at Saturday Sanctioned Singles. This week it was at Bradford. He shot a crazy 50 to take down the pro division.

We also had the first week of Eastway Saturday Afternoon random draw doubles. Stephen Schroeder and his partner Derek Reavis won. No ace hit so the $16 will carry over to next weekend.

Sunday saw two leagues…Winget doubles. Evan Brennan-Smith and Mike “Chewy” Chmura tied for the win with the lone-wolf that paid double entry Brad Crowder shooting a stellar 43. Third place was Scott Smith and Steve Lambert. Scott Smith also cleaned out the $181 ace pool by hitting an ace on hole 3 and split it with his partner. Way to go Scott!

In the second Sunday league Bradford Sunday Dubs, Cliff Locklear took it down as lone wolf with a -11, Skeet Scienski and Nate York came in second with -9 and Allan McKinney and Kerry came in 3rd with a respectable -8. Bradford Sunday Dubs currently has an ace pool of $103 which wasn’t hit this week.

Monday night we had Women’s league hosted by Patricia Sisco. Tiffany Cubacub and Simone Johnson tied for first place. Hope you all stayed dry out there. I heard it sprinkled a little bit and you all finished in the dark and didn’t lose any discs. Thats always a bonus.

Bailey Glow was crazy. They had quite a few people show up despite the crazy weather. I heard it rained on them almost the entire round. Coming out on top in the soaking wet rain was Pepe Silvia and Kerry Staskel shooing -16.

Finally if you didn’t make it out in the rain you could have came out to the soft open of Charlotte Putting League. Huge shout out to those of you that came out early to help setup all the baskets and nets. We put together 28 baskets. For those of you who missed it check out the finals video.

There are a few new and exciting tweaks to foursquare league….I mean putting league. There are now nice soft bench seats that run all along the wall and in the middle for everyone to sit on when they are done playing or while watching the finals. We had 26 players show up and we ended up playing 10 rounds. It was a ton of fun.

The winner was Adam Bell and Kevin Burgess. They started out trailing Cliff Locklear and Brandon Little but came back and took over for the win. Don’t forget to get signed up for next weeks putting league on Discgolfcoursereview.com There is $1,000 added cash and its already 2/3 full. Don’t miss it like I did last year.

Also, I wasn’t able to attend but Will Schusterick had his driving clinic yesterday. I’m sure those of you that attended learned a thing or two that has already made you a better player. I hope to have some feedback from someone that went so I can share some more about this event in Thursday/Fridays article.

Slight look ahead. On Friday we have the Dynamic Discs 2 Disc Challenge at Eager Beaver longs. Yes I said it eager beaver longs. They have a flex start from 1pm to 5:30pm.

I want to take a minute and talk about donations. Its typically up to the tournament directors to find sponsors for tournaments. Well, as part of the CDGC I know we could all help out our local TD’s by asking our work, wealthy friends, and local business’ that we visit frequently. So, as a CDGC member I am asking for your help to find donations for up and coming tournaments. Donations can be anything from gift cards to money to merchandise. Pretty much anything you or someone else would want to win can be a donation. There are a few upcoming tournaments you can help with. First and probably the most important would be the Charlotte Children’s Championship on October 15th at Renske. The kids that are going to attend that event need all the donations they can get to grow the sport. This should be an easy sell. Then we have the Kilbourne Classic October 29th at…you guessed it Kilbourne park. Next tournament would be the Club Championship on November 15th at RL Smith. All these tournaments could use our help in finding ways to make the tournaments more enjoyable for us all. If you happen to receive any donations or need a point of contact for donations or questions about donations feel free to contact Matt Cheney or myself on Facebook via messenger.

Thanks again for taking the time to read this. Hopefully we will be able to get all league information posted in Tuesday/Wednesday article. Plus, please feel free to offer advice for things you would like to see added to these articles. Any and all feedback is appreciated.

Sincerely Jeff White,

Teacher, Disc Golfer, and Friend to All.


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