Look Ahead 9-22-16

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Hello CDGC Members,

First things first, I hope you are all safe due to the recent events that have happened in our community. I would like to take a minute and send my condolences to all that are personally affected by the recent tragedies that have happened. I think it is important for all of us to stay neutral until all the facts come out about the situation. I’m sure most of you if not all have done that. For those of you who don’t know I am a teacher for CMS. I have spent the last few days working in some rough schools that were directly impacted by the recent events. I hope and pray that we get through this quickly. God Bless all of you over the next few days and possibly weeks.

Looking ahead to this weekend and the next few weeks….CDGC has declared that Thursday nights Sugaw Creek AM League has been CANCELED for tonight. This is unfortunate because as most of you know Sugaw Creek AM League is one of the best leagues around. With all the prizes and fun to be had it is going to be a boring Thursday for me, at least until the Thursday night football game comes on.

Friday morning Dubs will be at Reedy Creek at 8:45 for those of you that can attend. Matt does a 4 CASH CTP. The $4 per person is separated into 4 different holes. Therefore, you have a chance to win somewhere around $10-$20 per hole depending on the amount of disc golfers that show up. I love this idea. Ya, it costs more to play if you want to get into that but it gives you chance to win more than you paid in even if you aren’t playing the best round that day.

Saturday we have Chuckers league at Elon Park at 10am. Chuckers does a bingo ball style birdie pool. If you birdie all 5 holes they pull after the round from the bingo cage you win the birdie pool. The pool is at around $120 right now.

Saturday morning there is singles at Bradford at 8:30am. I havent been to this league in a while but when I went it was fun. I hope I can get back soon. Not sure if there is an ace pool or not or how much it is. Hopefully next week I will have more information for you guys on this event.

Also starting this week is Saturday Eastway Doubles hosted by Adam Bell. This league starts at 2:30pm. This league is intended to help cleanup Eastway and get more traffic playing the longs every other week or so. This should be a lot of fun. We needed something at Eastway. Thanks for doing this Adam, hopefully I can make it out a few times this year.

Sunday we got Winget Doubles run my Tom Usselman. He does a great job. I’d say I love Tom but who doesn’t right? This league starts at 10:15. There’s an ace pool here, not sure where it’s at though. Come on out and join the fun.

If that doesn’t float your boat you can always go the Bradford Doubles. This league starts at 11:30am. There’s an ace pool here. I unfortunately haven’t been to this league in awhile but I know they have quite a few people show up every Sunday.

The last thing this weekend that I know a lot of our fellow Charlotte Disc Golfers are doing is playing in the Sneaky Pete Tournament. This will be my first time playing in it and I heard that it is one of the best tournaments around. I’m looking forward to this event although I have not actually played any of the courses. I let you guys know next Wednesday how everyone from Charlotte did.

Moving on to Monday we have the usual Womens League. For anyone that is interested you can show up at Renske before 6pm and play an awesome round at a great course with some of Charlottes best female disc golfers.

If you’re not a lady or just want to play some Glow golf head on out to Bailey Glow. This is my favorite JUST FOR FUN LEAGUE. These guys and gals are some of the nicest disc golfers in Charlotte and their main goal is to have fun. This league starts at 7:45. If you get there early you can probably even participate in their Pre Bailey Tag Match (PBTM). This usually starts around 6pm and they just play a few holes decided by Brian Timm the honorary TD for PBTM.

Tuesday y’all Tuesday….We have Will Schusterick’s 1 Hour Advanced/Intermediate Driving Clinic at Renske (at Rennaisance Park) starting at 6pm. This event is going to be awesome. If you haven’t had a chance to meat Will yet he is an amazing athlete and anyone can learn a lot from him. I’m a Pro and I will still be stopping in to say hi and hopefully pick up some tidbits for me to get better as well. Hope to see you all there.

Also, next Friday 9-30-2016 there is a Dynamic Discs 2 Disc Challenge. I had the opportunity to play in the Prodigy one hosted by Big Jerm at Renske and it was a ton of fun. I know this one will at least be as much fun if not more. This challenge is set to take place Friday 9-30-2016 at Elon Park Eager Beaver flex start between the hours of 1:30pm and 5:30pm.  Jonathan Ray from Dynamic Discs will be there running this event.

Then as if that wasn’t enough DiscMania is hosting a Combine on Saturday 10-01-2016 at Rennaisance park starting at 7am. This is going to be run by Avery Jenkins. I have never attended one of these events but I will definitely be there. This is a CAN’T MISS EVENT.

Lastly, we all know what time of year it is…. Can you say USDGC. I’m very excited for this event. I couldn’t participate last year due to my back but this year I am healthy enough to play in the Monday Qualifier. I know some of you are going to play in the qualifier as well and or the USDGC Doubles tournament. Good luck to everyone playing and if your not playing I hope to see you guys and gals around the course showing your support to those of us who are playing and or just to meet some of the touring pros.

That being said, keep an eye out for some of the touring pros playing at some of our courses over the next few weeks and please don’t be afraid to talk to these guys or ask for their autographs. I’ve met most of if not all the touring pros and have asked many of them questions and gotten tons of autographs. I have never had any of them turn me down. Just talk to them respectfully and they should have no problem with you.

On that note, if you are playing at one of our awesome courses around Charlotte the next few weeks try and pick some trash up and help us show them how beautiful our courses are and maybe they will come back more often or host more tournaments that they will want to come back and play.

Pro Tip of the Week…..as Barry Schultz once told me. Everyone deals with internal and sometimes external negative self talk. Yes even players like Barry Schultz can start thinking negative. Its what you do with those thoughts that matter. Sometimes its hard to dismiss them. Here’s what you do…acknowledge the thought or thoughts before you step up behind your marker. But, once your behind your marker don’t think about anything except making that shot or putt. If your behind your marker and a negative thought pops into your head, reset yourself. Step away from your marker acknowledge that thought again and then change it to a positive thought (I’m going to make this shot, I’m going to make this putt). Be confident in your positive self talk. Then step back up to your marker and execute the shot. Be careful not to take longer than 30 seconds but most people don’t even come close to that even if they do step away a few times and even if they do most people don’t care as long as it doesn’t happen over and over again during a round.

Thanks Barry for being such an awesome mentor to me over the last few years. See you this weekend Barry.

Jeff White

Teacher, Disc Golfer, and Friend to All

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