Weekend Recap 10-11-16

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Hello CDGC members. I hope you had a safe weekend despite hurricane conditions. Well, I don’t even know where to start with this weekends recap. We had controversy at USDGC, a hurricane, league cancelations, and spur-of-the-moment leagues. Lets find out what happened….

Thursday saw 29 players come out to enjoy Sugaw Creek AM league. Tyler Andes pulled out the victory. 2nd place shooting his best round at Sugaw was Chris Davis. 3rd place was Jared Wehrheim who also shot his best Sugaw round. Keep checking back on this site to see wether or not we are playing again this Thursday.

As we all know this past week was USDGC week. We had quite a few CDGC members participating in it. Spoiler alert………Congratulations to Jeremy Koling for taking down the win. Big Jerm was on the lead card the whole tournament. He started off shooting the 4th best round after the first round. The second round  he shot the hot round at 59. He then followed that up with another hot round of 60. Due to the fact that this tournament was cut short some hatters out there might not give Jeremy the credit. However, I would say to those people that if you shoot the hot round 2 out of 3 rounds and get the 4th best round in the other you deserved to win and definitely played well enough to EARN it. If you get a chance watch the video posted where Big Jerm goes out and makes the final put on hole 18. It was awesome. What an amazing group of people to set that up for Jeremy.

I can’t post this article without mentioning by friend Stephen Schroeder and how well he played in the USDC. He hung with Paul McBeth for 2 of the 3 rounds. He eagled hole 12….what? Ya he did. I know he expects more from himself and he is probably not happy with the way he played but I for one am proud of him for playing so well. I mean to finish 25th in the USDGC is amazing. Congratulations man.

Disc Golf Pro Tour also crowned a champion that day, not without a little drama first. Here is what happened….Paul McBeth turned in his scorecard with a 7 on hole 18. About 20 minutes later he realized he actually got a 6 on the hole. He reported it to the TD and they called the players back that were on his card to verify. Once it was confirmed he got a 6 his score was changed from a 63 to a 62 and then got assessed a 2 stroke penalty to end up at a 64. Then when the tournament was canceled he finished in 20th place one stroke behind 16th place. Had he finished in 16th place he would have been the DGPT champion. Instead the win went to Ricky Wisocki. Congratulations on your Win Ricky. Just like Big Jerm your going to have hatters out there but you have played so good this year you deserve the win. Plus who is to say that Paul doesn’t stumble in the 4th and final round had they played it. Or maybe Ricky would have came back and won USDGC from 3rd place.

Sunday Jim Banbury called for a spur-of-the-moment Sugaw am league to celebrate Jeremy Kolings victory at USDGC. 50 players ended up showing up to play. Rob Duncan took first place. Shawn McElroy and Brian Turner tied for 2nd.

Monday for Bailey glow they had 26 people show up. Milas Feret and John Ford shot the hot round coming in at -19 on the 21 hole course. The current ace pool is at $202. That is definitely worth traveling up there to play for that let alone all the fun you’ll have playing an awesome easy course. If you need to work on your short game this is the place to do it. If you don’t have any glow discs they have lights for sale there. They are 2 for $5. Hope to see you there next Monday. I can tell you that every week somebody hits the basket on a drive. Its just a matter of time before its hit. Marc Haren hit the cage on 3 last night.

Don’t forget putting league is tonight at Sugar Creek Brewery at 5:45pm  and the club meeting is tomorrow night at 6pm at Sandwich Sams on South Blvd.

Thanks again for taking the time to read this article. Let me know what else you guys want to see in the articles.

Jeff White

Teacher, Coach, Disc Golfer, and friend to all…

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