Weekly Roundup 9-20-16

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Hello CDGC Members. Hope you had an awesome weekend. A lot of things happened since my last article. We had Sugaw Am League on Thursday. We had Friday Morning Dubs. We had two sanctioned tournaments, Get Reedy for Fall and The Mule Cup. After all that we still had Bailey glow and Womens Doubles on Monday. Lets get to the results…..

Thursday at Sugaw Am League we had 43 players, perfect weather, and 5 CTP’s. Tiffany Cubacub took first place, Stephen Williams and Chris Langham shot their best round ever during leagues to finish tied for second. For those of you who don’t know this is one of the best leagues around. Join these guys and gals this Thursday at 5:15 at Sugaw Creek Park.

Friday Morning Dubs was a great time at Bradley Center. Despite having a few trees down all the players had a ton of fun. This time it was Matt Cheney and Daniel Guffey taking down first place with Eric Ottinger and David Ewart coming in a close second. This event happens this Friday at Reedy Creek at 8:45.

Get Reedy for Fall was a huge success. The tournament filled up middle of last week. I unfortunately did not get to play. Instead I participated as a caddy for Ed Bellaire who placed second in the recreational division 1 stroke behind Justin Resor. The junior winners were Boden Solomonson, Victoria Scott, and Christian Scott. Jake Michael won by 5 strokes in the intermediate division. Look to see him in advanced in next years tournament. Lee Reading won Advanced Senior Grand Masters by 1 stroke. Terry Lowman and Scott Elam tied for first in the advanced grandmasters division. I believe Terry won the playoff. Charlotte Eidson won the advanced masters women division. Kevin Bomengen won the advanced masters division (no big surprise there) this is his home course. Hopefully we will see him in Pro masters soon. AJ Carey won the advanced division by 5 strokes. Way to go AJ. Next year your going to have to play in the pro division against me. Same thing goes to you Scott Smith winning by 11 strokes in the masters division. Debbie Scott also squeaked out a win over friendly rival Deann Donaldson in the Pro womens division. These two have been trading wins the past month or so. Finally Travis Chumley won the mens open division.

The Mule Cup had perfect weather and an awesome assortment of United Chains minis. Savannah Cox won the recreational women’s division. Shane Alexander won by 14 strokes in the recreational division. Look to see him in intermediate next year. Kyle Jeffries won the intermediate division. Brain Kilmore just squeaked out a come from behind win in the advanced division. Dan MT Man Sisk won by 3 in the masters division. Debbie Scott won again the open women’s division. Austin Turner got his revenge on Travis Chumley on Sunday by beating him by 6 strokes in the open division. Congratulations to all our winners. Hope to see more of the CDGC members there next year.

Bailey Glow there was a whopping 30 players. Coming in first place was myself (Jeff White) and Brian Timm shooting a very nice -18 with a bogey on hole 7. Then there were 3 teams tied at -16. This is yet another great group of guys and gals that just have a ton of fun playing glow on Monday nights. If your not doing anything on Monday nights and you just want to hang out with a great group of people and just have fun, this is the place to be.

As always, if there is anything you would like to see added or changed let us know and we can see what we can do. Thanks everyone for taking the time to read this and I should have something posted again soon with a look ahead.

Jeff White

Teacher, Disc Golfer, and friend to all

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