Look Ahead 10-7-16

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Hello CDGC members. We are in for a wet weekend with Hurricane Mathew bearing down on the East coast. This should make for a very interesting finish to the USDGC. Make sure you check back on this site to see if any of the events get canceled this weekend due to the hurricane.

******This Saturday  the Throw Pink tournament at Fewell park in South Carolina has been cancelled****

If your not a girl or you just don’t feel like playing you can make your way to Winthrop and watch all the pros shoot it out in the finals.  Jeremy Koling is LEADING! Michael Johansen is tied for 4th place. Barry and Cam Todd are tied for 16th place. Stephen Schroeder is in 25th. Travis Chumley is in 61st. I would love to see a huge gallery following our home town heroes on Saturday. It cost $10 for spectators. This is also a great time to come get some autographs from some of your favorite players.

Sunday is Spectator day at Winthrop. Everyone can come out to play the course first thing in the morning on Sunday. The cost is $10 per person to play the same course the pros played so you can see where you stack up compared to them.

There is also Winget doubles on Sunday. Ace pool is somewhere around $40.

Bradford has random draw doubles on Sunday as well. Ace pool is up around $140.

Monday is Bailey Glow Doubles. Ace pool is around $100.

We have a CLUB MEETING this coming Wednesday @ at 6pm. If you want to no more than what I can share in these articles about what is going on with CDGC and what the future holds for us you need to attend one of these meetings. They are held on a monthly basis on the second Wednesday. Hope to see some of you there.


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