Sugaw Am League Results 2-14-16

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Catching up to Sunday’s Sugaw Creek Am League we had 23 players in some dang nippy weather, including first-timers Don Tennyson and Keith Keim.

We had a great brace of nine CTPs, starting with a Champion Orc and Pro Wraith. Duffy Smith with presenting sponsor Alpine Ski Center tossed in a Westside Tursas and Classic Judge. Robbie Galimi donated a US Doubles DVD, Brian Killmore donated a Clash At Renny DVD, Robbie Kyle kicked in a special Blend Judge and some stickers, Michael Keim put up a really cool custom made doughnut mini and I set up a custom in-bag Mylar cooler.

2.14.16 Results
1st: Michael Keim
2-3rd: Dan Eaddy, Nolen Peterson
4-6th: Kevin Bomengen, Brian Killmore, Robert Little
7-8th: Jim Banbury, Matt Torma

#1: Brian Killmore (Mylar cooler)
#2: Brian Killmore (Clash DVD)
#4: Brandon Little (Tursas)
#5: Robert Little (Orc)
#7: Jim Banbury (SB Judge)
#10: Matt Torma (Wraith)
#13: Jim Banbury (Dubs DVD)
#14: Brian Killmore (doughnut mini)
#18: Brandon Little (Clsc Judge)

There will not be SCAL next Sunday 2/21 due to the Balllantyne Open. We will return 2/28 for the last event of the month and the random drawing for the February $40 gift card to Alpine Ski Center. Every time you play SCAL you get another entry into that month’s drawing. Here’s the updated handicap sheet.

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