Sugaw Am League Results 1-31-16

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Big day at Sugaw Creek Am League yesterday with 43 players, including first-timers Brian Killmore, Justin Beall, Tre Blake and Justin Parsons. Welcome fellas!

Our big winner was Chris Madarasz, who won the random drawing for the January $40 gift card to presenting sponsor Alpine Ski Center.

We had seven CTPs, starting with an Innova Big Kahuna and Flat-Top KC Pro Roc. Duffy Smith (who we welcomed back from his broken leg to play SCAL for the first time in 10 weeks) with ASC kicked in a Prodigy P1 and Lat 64 Soft Pure. Michael Keim donated a nifty handmade mini, Cass Hargette donated a DD Witness and I tossed in a custom-made, insulated, in-bag Mylar cooler to hold 3-4 beverages and ice pack.

1.31.16 Results
1st: Chris Madarasz
2-3rd: Alex Torres (BCR), Tony Sisco (BCR)
4-5th: Joe Swedish, Clyde Wilkerson (BCR)
6-7th: Donny Paris, Tre Blake
8-9th: Jim Banbury, Cliff Locklear
10-15th: Ashley Birrittier, Jeff Oxendine, Michael Keim, Chris Grayson, Jeramy Gibby, Jason Viers
(BCR: Best Creek Round, of at least six recorded scratch scores)

#1: Travis Clyne (Big Kahuna)
#4: Jeff Oxendine (handmade mini)
#7: Robert Little (Flat-Top Roc)
#10: Dominick Ortiz (in-bag Mylar cooler)
#13: Jeremy Allen (Witness)
#14: Stuart Salmon (P1)
#18: Michael Keim (Pure)

The in-bag Mylar coolers will be among the featured CTPs every week In February. Made to fit in the side pocket of your bag, it will keep drinks cold 4+ hours. Lemme tell ya – ya want one.

We’ll be at it again next week for the Super Bowl edition of SCAL. Come bedecked in Panthers apparel and we’ll have a prize for best fan outfit. Come on out for a great time. Here’s the updated handicap sheet, and thanks for playing.

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