Monday Results Roundup 4/8/19

Weekend Coursework Results:

Sugaw –

Sugaw holes 2, 3, 4, 5, and 8 all were cleared of dead fall and piles were made.  Concrete on right side of hole 15’s fairway was moved to help fill the hole at the end of 15.  Thanks to the great group who showed up and worked very hard: Dj Hendrix, Jacob Parra, Jennifer Gallant, Mark Maxen, Karen Hawks, and the fearless leader Brian Killmore

Kilborne –

Holes 14 and 15 long baskets installed, greens cut and then dragged, Kilborne looking amazing and parks finalizing erosion control and water runoff work. Thanks so much to Phil “Bagger Vance” Oxendine, Jess Martin and their crew!

Local Charlotte Leagues: Winner:
Monday: Bailey Glow Joe Bill and Pepe Silvia
Monday: Women’s League Doubles – Meredith Bartz and Tara Richardson
Thursday: SCAL (Am League) Kyle Hogan (taking the 1 tag)
Sunday: Winget Dubs Chris Robinson and Nate Evans
Sunday: Bradford Dubs Jim Steel and Scott Radley  -13, Anthony Nicollini hit a $354 ace on hole 11 – he even gave $100 of his winnings to his partner Stephen Smith who is expecting his first child any day now, which happens to be Schleppy’s first grandchild!
Sunday: Reedy Creek Am League Chris “Buster” Caudle (Cliff Locklear taking the 1 tag)
Local Tournaments: Results: MPO FPO MP40 MP50 FA1 MA1 MA40 MA50 MA60 FA40 MA2 FA2 MA3
36th Annual Dogwood Crosstown Classic 1st Dan Hastings Michelle Green Kenneth C. Tyburski Victoria Griffiths Stephen Walters Robert Net Poser Baker Kenny Lukasewicz Wayne Dockery Michael Knepp Wes Brunton
Clayton, NC 2nd Taylor Rafaleowski Erin Snap Brian Schweberger Donna Stanley Adam Prah Shane Hill Chris Grochowski Thomas Andrews Johnny Stover Ryan Golightly
3rd Ryan Kenney Victoria Brewer Michael Kirsch Stacy Keatts Tyler Andes Aaron McLeod Jimmy Smith Fred Ingram Nick Huener Charlie Gray
Pro/NT Tournaments: MPO FPO
Nick Hyde Memorial 1st: Eagle Wynne McMahon Paige Pierce
Rockwall, TX 2nd: Paul Ulibarri Catrina Allen
3rd: Nick Newton Rebecca Cox