Monday Results Roundup 3/11/19

Hello Charlotte DGC, my name is Karen Hawks and I wanted to do something a little different. I have been working with Matt Cheney on bringing some more content to you guys every week.

Every Monday I will be posting results from the previous weekly club events and the results from local and surrounding area tournaments, if there is a tournament you want posted and it is a charity event or non-sanctioned please take a picture of the leader board send it to me Sunday night and I will make sure it’s a part of the post.

Thursday make sure you are available at 6:30 PM because a Charlotte Disc Golf trivia question will be posted on the CDGC Facebook PAGE (not group) and the 1st person with the correct answer will win some awesome CDGC swag!

And finally, Friday I will post the upcoming club events, local tournaments, pro tournaments, and tournaments to register for, this will help for some of those tournaments that fill up in minutes. we want to make sure you have an extra reminder!  I am really looking forward to this, I hope you all enjoy.

Local Charlotte Leagues: Winner:
Monday: Bailey Glow Clifford Locklear as lone wolf
Tuesday: Putting League Jimmy White Jr & Nick Van Patten
Sunday: SCAL (Am League) Tal Wambeke – 1st timer at SCAL
Sunday: Bradford Dubs Tom Kerhoulas and Andrew  Edwards
Winget Dubs Skyler Mann and Chris Robinson
Local Tournaments: Results: MPO FPO MP40 MA1 FA1 MA40 MA50 FA50 MA55 MA60 MA70 MA2 FA2 MA3 MA4 FA4 MJ12
2019 IDGC Amateur Championships sponsored by Dynamic Discs 1st Bo McLaughlin Michele Powell Clifford Locklear James Elkins Josephine Taylor Darryl Vilano Scott Crackel Fast Eddie Keith Freelin Julie Coxville Curtis Rozell Judson Martin Colette Helme Jake Pomfret
Appling, GA 2nd Alex Durham Nadia Coccaro Phil McDonald Jeff Moore Debra Perkins Jerry Swami Swain David Shouse John Christy Eric Lund Tara Richardson Travis Durden Paul Scarpato
3rd Collin Pike K. Janelle Brown Kevin Peterson James Meek Jr. Patricia Smith Michael Wellman Glenn Dunlap Drew Durham Matthew Stewart Christian Cruz
Creekside Open 2019 – Driven by Innova 1st Chris Dickerson Kenneth C. Tyburski William Sherrill III Victoria Griffiths Trevor Kenefick Tim Turner
Archdale,NC 2nd Dan Hastings Brian Schweberger Andrew Runnfeldt Donna Stanley Michael Knepp Clint Garrison
3rd Branson Robertson Jason Hennard Chris Courtright Mitchelle Cable Landon Bratt Joseph Ittoop
Discraft Presents Sun King’s Throw Down The Mountain VII (Weekend 1) 1st Gary Johnson Gary Judd Andrea Traci Austin Winterstein
Columbia, SC 2nd Dennis Zumbahlen Campbell Kiefer Alta Johnson Bernie Hoffman
3rd Don Newhauser Johnny Hoggins Ana Moreno Beier Kiefer