Great crowd at Sugaw Creek Am League on Feb 7th

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Great crowd yesterday at Sugaw Creek Am League with 45 players, including six first-timers. Welcome to Ernesto Urrutia, Elise Richards, Ian Richards, Tanner Richards, Gabe Porter and Paul Rowbaud!

We had a dozen CTPs up for grabs, starting with a Champion Daedalus and Pro Destroyer. Duffy Smith with presenting sponsor Alpine Ski Center added an Eraser Wizard and MVP Phase, Michael Keim donated a custom mini in Panthers colors, Robbie Galimi a Prodigy Pa1, Cliff Locklear a 5-pack of Dickies Premium Socks, Jeff Oxendine an Innova cap and Air Force Thunderbird, and I tossed in an in-bag Mylar cooler and two Panthers collectible “Touchdown!” cards (see pix).

These mint/uncirculated 1994 cards come from a time when I worked at The Observer. The NFL did a reproduction of the Observer’s front page the morning after the team was awarded. I kept a pack of the cards, unopened, for the last 22 years.

2.7.16 Results
1st: Sam Goetz
2nd: Mario Ortiz (BCR)
3-5th: Jin Chang, Justin Parsons, Brian Killmore
6-8th: Chris Madarasz, Adam Goetz, Dan Eaddy
9th: Andrew Quigg
10-13th: Nate Healy, Donny Paris, Jason Viers, Dominick Ortiz
14-16th: Jimmy White Jr, Tre Blake, Bill Stedem
(BCR: Best Creek Round, of at least six recorded scratch scores)

#1: Chris Madarasz (Mylar cooler)
#2: Aaron Young (Daedalus)
#4: Jin Chang (custom mini)
#6: Cliff Locklear (Pa1)
#7: Robbie Galimi (“Touchdown!” card)
#9: Dominick Ortiz (Phase)
#10: Nate Healy (5-pk socks)
#11: Matt LaBianca (Thunderbird)
#13: Aaron Young (“Touchdown!” card)
#14: Bryan Porter (Wizard)
#17: Donny Paris (Innova cap)
#18: Robbie Galimi (Destroyer)

We’ll be throwing ‘em through the trees again next Sunday, and gathering names of every entrant for the February random drawing for the $40 ASC gift card. Every time you play SCAL you are automatically entered again in drawing to be held 2/28. See you this Sunday.

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