Cheney’s Win Big @ Reedy, Wk 2 Highlights

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Sunday was a very nice day to play disc golf. There were 46 players entered into the competition yesterday and our first ace has already been recorded. Congrats to Matt Cheney for his $55 ace on hole #2. There were several ctp prizes. Thanks to Cliff Locklear for the crackers and thanks to Ronald Harkey for the Verdict.
Top honors this week go to Cooper “2 ace” Cheney and his brother Colin “Imagonnabeathimsoon” Cheney. 3rd place went to Malcolm Kay, 4th (tie) Brian Turner and CJ Williams. 6th (tie) Emily Jean Bambury, Tre Blake and Chris McIntosh, 9th Sean Miller, 10th (tie) Matt Cheney and Dmitri Colbert, 12th (tie) Lisa Turner and Cliff Locklear. 14th(tie) Brandon Little and Chris Rinaldi, 16th Kevin Bomengen in a throwoff.
Next week is forecast to be as nice as yesterday, get out to Reedy Creek and have a fun time playing with some great people playing the game you love for prizes and possibly a brownie. Or go somewhere else to play, just get out and play.
Sign ups at 945
Start at 1030
CDGC members $5
Non $6
Optional Ace pool $1

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