Until the situation changes, the CDGC Board has decided to suspend formal Club activities, including meetings, leagues and tournaments. With Mecklenburg and Huntersville P&R postponing park activities and the CDC recommending no groups of more than 10, the Club needs to help minimize potential transmission.

This policy does not affect informal groups using CDGC courses. At this point, courses are still open and accessible. On the positive side, course work (with less than 10 people) can continue, with activities still covered by the Club's liability insurance.

Thanks for your support of the Club, and the sport.

Jim Banbury, CDGC President

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2020 Bag Tag Event and Membership Drive.
January 25, 2020 at Nevin

This is the first opportunity to pick up your 2020 Even Bag Tags (2-198) along with a CDGC pin, decal, and Club Disc (optional). Two options for membership- $20, $25 (with Disc)

One round, flex start from 10 AM- 2 PM. Tags will distributed around 5 PM