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At 6:15pm, all registered players will draw a single card. You’ll partner with the person with the matching color and number (i.e. red 6’s, black queens).

If there’s an uneven number of players registered, an organizer may join in, or there might be a lone wolf. Decisions will be made at the time of event.

A putting lane consists of two opposing baskets 30′ apart. **Note that it’s inside the “circle” – jump putts are not allowed**

Two teams per lane (4 players), one player on each basket (two players on each side). First to throw will be decided on by disc flip, and will remain constant for the entire match.

Two putters are thrown.
2 in = 3
1 in = 1

First to 11 wins, must win by 2.

If a team wins on a round, both players on the throwing side must complete the round, (finish the side).

Freebie! Odd Team Bye:
If there is an uneven number of teams, one team will get a bye. With the exception of the first round, bye teams are automatically chosen based on being in the losing half of the bracket (only teams with losing records will be chosen).

The bye team will get a freebie win. It’s not completely free, as the bye win will not count as much as an earned win in the tiebreaker difficulty score.

Each turn consists of teams alternating throws from one basket to the other, where their partners will be. Team 1 throws, then Team 2 throws. Repeat. Then the Team members from the other side throw.

After the completion of a round, scores must be recorded and handed to the scorekeeper. At least one member from each team must initial the scorecard to ensure accuracy.

There will be 5 or 6 rounds to determine the top 2 teams.

Teams will be paired up based on the night’s performance, as the scoring system we use calculates based on wins, losses and difficulty of opponents.

If two teams are tied in record AND tiebreak score (as determined by the difficulty of opponents faced), there will be a race to 7 tie breaker.

Championship Round:
The top two teams will face off in center court, using the same rules in the round – except the game ends at 15 instead of 11.