Monday Results Roundup 4/8/19


Monday Results Roundup 4/8/19 Weekend Coursework Results: Sugaw - Sugaw holes 2, 3, 4, 5, and 8 all were cleared of dead fall and piles were made.  Concrete on right side of hole 15's fairway was moved to help fill the hole at the end of 15.  Thanks to the great group who showed up and worked very hard: Dj Hendrix, Jacob Parra, Jennifer Gallant, Mark Maxen, Karen Hawks, and the fearless leader Brian Killmore Kilborne - Holes 14 and 15 long baskets installed, greens cut and then dragged, Kilborne looking amazing and parks finalizing erosion control and water [...]

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Monday Results Roundup 3/25/19


Monday Results Roundup 3/25/19 Local Charlotte Leagues: Winner: Monday: Bailey Glow Cliff Locklear & Joe Bill -17 under Monday: Women's League Handicap Score - 1st place- Simone Gold and Raw Score - 1st place - Debbie Scott Tuesday: Putting League Tommy Harris & Joseph Ittoop Sunday: Bradford Dubs Peter Teis & Joseph Torres -11 under $312 ace pool moving to next Sunday! Winget Dubs Tithal Mehta & Nate Richenbach (both lefties) -14 under **Ace hit by Rob Lyon Hole 15 $128 pot! Local Tournaments: Results: MPO FPO MP40 MP50 MP60 MA1 FA1 MA40 MA50 MA2 FA2 [...]

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