2108 Charlotte Showdown Rules/Info


Team roasters are set by the captains.
You’re are allowed up to 12 players (a mix of regulars and alternates).

Check out the current rosters here (on the 2018 rosters tab at the bottom)


$120 per team.

TEAM Dues are due to the CDGC by Apr 20th. PayPal preferred (paypal@charlottedgc.com). Also cash accepted paid to a club officer (Thurs. Sugaw Am League, Sat Chuckers, Club meeting, Club Singles, etc.)

Rosters may be adjusted (players added/dropped) until the end of the second week of play (April 18th). After that, players are locked in for the duration of the season.
An exception will be made for the away Crosstown matches (week 4-5) where one additional substitute will be available to each team.


Here’s a link to the schedule

8 Week Inter-Pool Season – Each team will play 3 home and 3 away matches, once at each inter-pool opponent’s course, and 2 inter-divisional matches – one home, one away.

Division Champs Playoff: The top two teams in points in each division face off, #2 @ #1 (June 6th)

Southside/Northside Final: Pool champs battle to determine the Southside and Northside Champs (June 13th)

Finals: Southside Champs vs. Northside Champs (June 20th)


  • Team captains will coordinate a start time for their Weds. match (Tues for G-Town).
  • Once all 7 players are there and the match is ready to start, captains will write their starting lineup in order (1-7) on a piece of paper.
  • Both captains will reveal their lineup at the same time. I encourage slapping the paper down simultaneously while yelling SHOWDOWN!
  • Players will then proceed to their starting hole determined by the home team.


7 Singles Matches (7 players per team) – Standard 12 hole match play format.

  • It’s player vs. player. To win your match, you must win more holes than your opponent. Tied holes are a push, and DO NOT carry over to the next hole.
  • The winner of each match is awarded 2 points, which goes toward the teams’ point total.
  • Ties are worth one point to each team/player.
  • 2 bonus points are awarded each week to the team who earns more total points.
  • If the team’s total points are tied, the 2 bonus points are split among the teams.
  • All matches are considered tag battles, so long as each player has a CDGC/GTown/SV bag tag.
  • There will be no 2-somes, each group will either be a 4-some or a 6-some.
  • Home team chooses the 12 holes of play, and all players that week must play the same 12 holes. However, the home team may change which 12 holes they play between weeks.


  • All players will receive a custom button for their bag/cart.
  • Winner’s names will be added to a plaque on the Charlotte Showdown Trophy
  • A plaque installed on the winning courses’ kiosk
  • The pride of being the Showdown Champion