Charlotte Disc Golf Club Home of world class disc golf Fri, 25 Nov 2016 18:06:17 +0000 en-US hourly 1 108203966 Calling All Volunteers Thu, 17 Nov 2016 16:28:09 +0000 Hello CDGC members. Today we are going to talk about becoming a helpful volunteer.

I feel like everyone in Charlotte runs when they hear the word volunteer. I wish it wasn’t that way. I also wish everyone truly understood how awesome and fortunate it is to be a disc golfer and live in Charlotte.

I’m from Michigan and when I moved down here 2 years ago I quickly realized how amazing every single course in Charlotte is. I have had the opportunity to travel around the country and played numerous courses. Most courses that I played don’t have tee pads, tee signs, pavilions, message boards, or volunteers to clean them up. And don’t even get me started on the baskets.

Here in Charlotte we are really spoiled to have such a wonderful club that helps maintain and improve these amazing courses. I used to take it all for granted.

It’s kind of crazy to think that G-town which is way smaller than CDGC has the same amount of volunteers as CDGC – with half as many members. We have over 440 members and yet we only have around 20 to 30 volunteers. I hope this article will at least help us double that.

Now that I have attended a few club meetings and heard numerous times how short handed the CDGC is, I am asking you to take the time and volunteer. CDGC needs you. You might be like me and be injured or not physically fit, or lazy, or busy. I know I get it. That being said we need you to find the time to volunteer for whatever it is you can do.

Here is a list of things the club needs volunteers for……

  • Coursework Helpers (Resurrecting Hornet’s Nest)
  • Tournament Directors
  • Course Directors
  • League Directors
  • Spotters

No matter how you want to get involed…You can always pick up trash and kick all the sticks and limbs out of the fairways while you’re playing.

Thanks for taking the time to read this article and I really hope some of you step up and volunteer. The courses are great, help us keep them that way.

Leave a comment on the FaceBook post or email us: board(at)

Jeff White

Disc Golfer, Coach, Teacher, Uber Driver, Volunteer, and Friend to All

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Food for Thought Mon, 31 Oct 2016 00:33:47 +0000 What’s  up CDGC members. This is going to be a follow up article for the last article I wrote and some new things to think about.

There were quite a few comments that we got about the CADG Facebook page and the CDGC page.

I think most of the feeback was simply stating that you acknowledge the redundancy of getting double information, you all love both pages, and we all wish there was a solution.

So…let me ask you this.

Would you like it if the CDGC page was set to private and only current CDGC members could use it to talk about CDGC related infromation and communicating with CDGC Board Members?

Then the CADG page could be used as it is today for everyone to find players to play with and everything that happens on that page.

What are your thoughts on making the  CDGC Facebook group private to members only?

Here is our next discussion topic. CDGC is thinking about doing a point series next year for Charlotte area tournaments.

These points are going to be what gets you into the Club Championship at the end of the year.

How many tournaments would you like to see? Would you want the Club Championship to be rated? Should leagues count towards points? Would you be interested in a point series at all?

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Please leave some comments.

Jeff White,

Disc Golfer, Teacher, Coach, Uber Driver, and Friend To All

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Changing Things Up – Some Questions for Discussion 10-25-16 Tue, 25 Oct 2016 17:14:37 +0000 Hello everyone, I’m changing up this article to talk about a few things that might interest you.

The first thing is the use of Facebook by our club members and fellow disc golfers in and around Charlotte. We all post under the CDGC link and the Charlotte Area Disc Golf link. Does anyone else find this repetitive?

When I first moved down here from Michigan a few years ago now, Henry Childres told me that to fix that issue people needed to stop using both. So, my question to you is….Do you think its possible to eliminate using one of the links so that people don’t have to double post things? FYI the CDGC is the one for the club and the Charlotte Area it is not the club link. I mean when Jim Banbury posts his Thursday Sugaw update I get 3 notifications about the same thing. Leave a comment and let me know what you think…

The next question I have for you is about finding tournaments to play in. In Michigan we used to post all our tournaments throughout the state. Here in North Carolina we use DGU, PDGA, Discgolfscene, Facebook and the CDGC website. This to me can be very confusing.

I never know where to look for tournaments and I always have to end up checking all the sites to make sure I didn’t miss any. I know that almost everyone who runs tournaments in Carolina knows everyone else that runs tournaments in Carolina. My point is wouldn’t you like to see them all get on the same page and consolidate the websites so that we only have to look in one spot to find them?

OK, lets talk about improving our leagues. What would make our leagues better? What would draw more people to show up? I know a few of our leagues happen at the same time which makes it impossible to attend both.

Do you think we should move league times around so that everyone can go to them all? Is the price fair for all leagues? Would you like to see more plastic or more money as the prizes? If it is prizes do you prefer funny money or just pick from the prizes like at Sugaw Am League?

Also, I still need volunteers for the Club Championship on November 12th. So far I have none. I just need a few spotters, someone to possible cook food, and someone to help setup the extra holes with me. If you can help text me with your name and what you can help with. My number is 616-681-1000.

Thanks again for taking the time to read this and hopefully taking the time to respond via text or through the comment section at the bottom of this post.

Jeff White,

Disc frolfer, teacher, coach, and friend to all




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Weekend Recap 10-19-2016 Wed, 19 Oct 2016 15:51:51 +0000 Hello CDGC members. This past weekend we had some great disc golf weather. I hope you all had a chance to play.

First things first, the Charlotte Club Championship registration is now open for those of you who didn’t know. There is currently 78 people signed up.

We will try to accommodate all CDGC members that would like to play. Please sign up asap to reserve your spot and to help us make decisions on what we are going to do. I also still need a few volunteers if you’re not planning on playing.

Thursday was an awesome day at Sugaw Am league. 36 players showed up. Jeff Sellers and Phil Oxendine tied for first place.

Friday night there was a special version of glow at Bradford. Cliff Locklear and Kyle M. took down the win by shooting -9 in the dark.

The Charlotte Children Championship was held on Saturday. Evan Bamford won the Junior I boys division. Junior II winner was Braxton Jenks. Hope Brown won the Junior II girls. Junior III boys winner was Zack Wysocki. Abigail Sherrill won the Junior III girls division. Anthony Anselmo won Junior IV boys division. Dejuana Barnes won the Junior IV girls division. Nathan Paris won the  Junior V boys division. Naphtali Ford took home the Junior V girls title. Bauer Ford hoisted the Junior VI boys title. Finally, Peyton Simmons won Junior VI girls division.

Saturday morning we had sanctioned singles at Angry Beaver. Will Taylor shot the hot round with a 63 and he double bogeyed hole 18. Eastway Saturday Afternoon doubles saw Stephen Schroeder and Grant Lefoe shoot a 44 from the shorts for the win.

Sunday morning dubs at Winget was another fun time. Brandon Little and Johny Blaze shot a 42 from the shorts. Sunday dubs at Bradford saw Stephen Bellaire/Adam Bell and Dechlan Drake/Jim Steel tie for the win with a -11 round. Nate York hit the ace pool for $127 by getting an ace on hole 15.

36 players ended up showing up to play Bailey glow on Monday. Most of them were there for the $200+ ace pool which remains intact for next week. The winning team was Joe Holstein and Brian Kuhl shooting  -18 on the 21 hole course.

Tuesday had 52 show up to putting league at Sugar Creek Brewery. Spoiler alert…..Henry Childress and Robert Galimi conquered Ant Gale and Chris Colwell. Ace pool carries over to next week with  $96.

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Look Ahead 10-14-16 Fri, 14 Oct 2016 21:46:53 +0000 What’s up CDGC Members. This weekend we have some cool things going on. Hopefully you guys and gals can attend a few of this weekend’s events.

Saturday we have the Charlotte Children’s Championship hosted by Steve Lambert. This is a C-tier event. The cost is only $27 for the kids to play and they get a sweet players pack that is worth more than that. Lunch will be provided. This event is at Renske and it starts at 8am. This is a perfect course for the kids to play. Should be a great time. I heard that World Champ Ricky Wysocki is going to be there with his siblings. Perfect time to get an autographed disc if you ask me.

If you’re not a kid or just don’t feel like playing Renske you can take on one of the most challenging courses in Charlotte and play sanctioned singles at Angry Beaver. The cost is just $5 for Am and $10 for Pro. We are also going to have cash CTP’s on a few of the short holes. Sign up starts at 8:30 and tee is shortly after 9. 

Also, because of sanctioned singles being held at Elon this week there will be no Chuckers League tomorrow. Hope to see you there as Tom Usselman and I are the ones running this event.
If you don’t feel like getting up that early or want to play again after Angry Beaver you can head to Eastway to play random doubles hosted by Adam Bell and Cliff Locklear starting at 2:30. There has been a decent turnout since they started running this a few weeks back and I for one hope to see it grow into a full-time league with 50 plus players showing up on a weekly basis.

Sunday there will be doubles at Winget again unless another hurricane shows up. This is the perfect league to play if you’re a football fan on Sundays because you get done around 12:15. Which is just in time to go get some lunch and make it home before the game. Draw goes down at 10:15 signup is before that. I’m hoping to be there this week.

If thats too early for you then head on over to Bradford for random draw doubles starting at 11:30. I wish Winget was earlier and Bradford was later so I could make it out to both these events every Sunday. It is a hard choice for me which one to go to every week and I always seem to pick Winget because its a lot closer to my house.

Monday we got Bailey glow starting at 7:45pm. I can’t say enough about the people that play here every week and the fun that is had by all that show up. I drive 45 minutes to play this league almost every week. I know I’ve said it before but its worth saying again, if you’ve never been to this league or you’ve never played glow your missing out. Get out to Bailey and see what all the fuss is about.


When it comes to working on your game there is one important thing that rings true in all aspects of your form. There is a common factor in all aspects of disc golf that most players don’t think about. 

Whats that one thing you say? Body motion. 

If you think about it your always moving when you’re playing disc golf. When driving, approaching or putting your body is always moving. 

The simple tip that I have for you all is simple. Minimize your movements. 

What I mean by that is limit how many movements are associated with every aspect of your game. For example, if your putting and your moving legs up and down and your arms back and forth and flipping your disc and bending your elbows and twirling your wrist and squeezing your fingers and then releasing and then rocking back and forth your doing to much. 

All of those actions make up your putt. 

So in this example you have 13 movements in your putt and you have to get them all in synch in order to be consistent at putting. My advice is to take away as many of those excess movements as possible. 

For my putt I stand still while leaning forward and simply move my elbow, wrist and fingers. Thats 3 movements. Therefore its simple math to say that I only have to get my 3 motions in sink in order to be accurate instead of the 13 as in the example. 

So try this for all aspects of your game and I’m confident you will get more consistent. Good Luck this weekend and I hope you all have fun.

Thanks again for taking the time to read this article and I hope you enjoyed it.

Jeff White

Coach, Pro Frisbee player, Teacher, and Friend to All

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Weekend Recap 10-11-16 Tue, 11 Oct 2016 13:44:22 +0000 Hello CDGC members. I hope you had a safe weekend despite hurricane conditions. Well, I don’t even know where to start with this weekends recap. We had controversy at USDGC, a hurricane, league cancelations, and spur-of-the-moment leagues. Lets find out what happened….

Thursday saw 29 players come out to enjoy Sugaw Creek AM league. Tyler Andes pulled out the victory. 2nd place shooting his best round at Sugaw was Chris Davis. 3rd place was Jared Wehrheim who also shot his best Sugaw round. Keep checking back on this site to see wether or not we are playing again this Thursday.

As we all know this past week was USDGC week. We had quite a few CDGC members participating in it. Spoiler alert………Congratulations to Jeremy Koling for taking down the win. Big Jerm was on the lead card the whole tournament. He started off shooting the 4th best round after the first round. The second round  he shot the hot round at 59. He then followed that up with another hot round of 60. Due to the fact that this tournament was cut short some hatters out there might not give Jeremy the credit. However, I would say to those people that if you shoot the hot round 2 out of 3 rounds and get the 4th best round in the other you deserved to win and definitely played well enough to EARN it. If you get a chance watch the video posted where Big Jerm goes out and makes the final put on hole 18. It was awesome. What an amazing group of people to set that up for Jeremy.

I can’t post this article without mentioning by friend Stephen Schroeder and how well he played in the USDC. He hung with Paul McBeth for 2 of the 3 rounds. He eagled hole 12….what? Ya he did. I know he expects more from himself and he is probably not happy with the way he played but I for one am proud of him for playing so well. I mean to finish 25th in the USDGC is amazing. Congratulations man.

Disc Golf Pro Tour also crowned a champion that day, not without a little drama first. Here is what happened….Paul McBeth turned in his scorecard with a 7 on hole 18. About 20 minutes later he realized he actually got a 6 on the hole. He reported it to the TD and they called the players back that were on his card to verify. Once it was confirmed he got a 6 his score was changed from a 63 to a 62 and then got assessed a 2 stroke penalty to end up at a 64. Then when the tournament was canceled he finished in 20th place one stroke behind 16th place. Had he finished in 16th place he would have been the DGPT champion. Instead the win went to Ricky Wisocki. Congratulations on your Win Ricky. Just like Big Jerm your going to have hatters out there but you have played so good this year you deserve the win. Plus who is to say that Paul doesn’t stumble in the 4th and final round had they played it. Or maybe Ricky would have came back and won USDGC from 3rd place.

Sunday Jim Banbury called for a spur-of-the-moment Sugaw am league to celebrate Jeremy Kolings victory at USDGC. 50 players ended up showing up to play. Rob Duncan took first place. Shawn McElroy and Brian Turner tied for 2nd.

Monday for Bailey glow they had 26 people show up. Milas Feret and John Ford shot the hot round coming in at -19 on the 21 hole course. The current ace pool is at $202. That is definitely worth traveling up there to play for that let alone all the fun you’ll have playing an awesome easy course. If you need to work on your short game this is the place to do it. If you don’t have any glow discs they have lights for sale there. They are 2 for $5. Hope to see you there next Monday. I can tell you that every week somebody hits the basket on a drive. Its just a matter of time before its hit. Marc Haren hit the cage on 3 last night.

Don’t forget putting league is tonight at Sugar Creek Brewery at 5:45pm  and the club meeting is tomorrow night at 6pm at Sandwich Sams on South Blvd.

Thanks again for taking the time to read this article. Let me know what else you guys want to see in the articles.

Jeff White

Teacher, Coach, Disc Golfer, and friend to all…

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Look Ahead 10-7-16 Sat, 08 Oct 2016 02:51:48 +0000 Hello CDGC members. We are in for a wet weekend with Hurricane Mathew bearing down on the East coast. This should make for a very interesting finish to the USDGC. Make sure you check back on this site to see if any of the events get canceled this weekend due to the hurricane.

******This Saturday  the Throw Pink tournament at Fewell park in South Carolina has been cancelled****

If your not a girl or you just don’t feel like playing you can make your way to Winthrop and watch all the pros shoot it out in the finals.  Jeremy Koling is LEADING! Michael Johansen is tied for 4th place. Barry and Cam Todd are tied for 16th place. Stephen Schroeder is in 25th. Travis Chumley is in 61st. I would love to see a huge gallery following our home town heroes on Saturday. It cost $10 for spectators. This is also a great time to come get some autographs from some of your favorite players.

Sunday is Spectator day at Winthrop. Everyone can come out to play the course first thing in the morning on Sunday. The cost is $10 per person to play the same course the pros played so you can see where you stack up compared to them.

There is also Winget doubles on Sunday. Ace pool is somewhere around $40.

Bradford has random draw doubles on Sunday as well. Ace pool is up around $140.

Monday is Bailey Glow Doubles. Ace pool is around $100.

We have a CLUB MEETING this coming Wednesday @ at 6pm. If you want to no more than what I can share in these articles about what is going on with CDGC and what the future holds for us you need to attend one of these meetings. They are held on a monthly basis on the second Wednesday. Hope to see some of you there.


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Weekend Recap 10-4-16 Tue, 04 Oct 2016 20:25:15 +0000 Whats up CDGC members. Hope you had an awesome weekend and got the opportunity to enjoy some of the great events that we had going on this past weekend. Lets see what happened….

Tuesday we had Will Schusterick’s Driving clinic. 25 people attended this event and I heard nothing but great things from everyone I talked to about it.

Thursday at Sugaw League saw 52 players show up. One of the 52 just so happened to be Philo Braithwaite. Chris Davis won the $40 monthly random drawing from Alpine Ski Center. Tiffany Cubacub tied for first with Richard Rowe. 3rd place was Christian Reyes. I heard through the grapevine that some players finished in the dark. This might be the last week Jim Banbury runs Sugaw league on Thursday. For those of you who don’t know, when it gets this time of year Jim moves it to Sunday mornings because of the lack of daylight.

Friday AM Dubs had 12 people competing at Dry Creek. Voeuth Voeun and Anthony Nicolini took home the win and Wes Shell and David Ewart took second.

Dynamic Disc’s 2 disc challenge was won by Adam Bell. Way to go Adam. He had 10 birdies and no bogeys at eager beaver to take first place.

Saturday at Winthrop Gold we had 19 people show up to play in the first ever Brian Hadella Open. It was one round of singles for tags followed by a $5 doubles round where your partner was determined by your first round scores. The first round went to Mark “Huey” Huether who shot a nice 67 despite throwing OB twice in a row going for the green on 888. That round would have qualified him for USDGC this week. The second round doubles was won by Marc Haren and myself shooting a 61 with no bogeys. We should do more small tournaments like this, it was a blast. Special thanks to my wife and daughter for tagging along all day with me.

Winget Doubles was won by Scott Elam and Nate Reichenbacher. Only 8 people showed up due to all the other events going on in Charlotte. Ace pool will carry over to next week. I believe it should be somewhere around $30.

Bradford Doubles on Sunday was won by Cliff Locklear and Ryan Hensley who shot -8. They just squeaked out the win past Frank Rodriquez and Mike “Chewy” Chmura by one stroke. Ace pool will carry over to 2 weekends from now because of USDGC spectator day. It’s currently at $113.

Bailey Glow on Monday night had 18 people show up. It was perfect weather for disc golf. Marc Haren and Nick “Pepe” Lykon won by shooting a -18 on the 21 hole course. No ace was hit so the pool carries over. It should be somewhere around $100 just guessing. I know it hasn’t been hit in at least a month if not longer.

Putting League was a huge success. 118 players came out for a late night of putting battles. The big winners of the night were Hunter Todd and Stephen Bellaire taking home $322 each defeating Cam Todd and Grant LeFoe in a thrilling final round. Here’s the link to the final round of 8, and for the master bracket which led to the finals. Putting League is every Tuesday night from here until the end of March. You can’t have more fun for $5 at the worlds biggest putting league. Another big winner was Scott Elam who hit a 105′ ace run to clear out a $140 ace pool. Nice shot!

USDGC Dubs had perfect weather all 4 days. They played Winthrop Gold on Thursday and Friday and then Canaan on Saturday and Sunday. The highlight would have to be Paul Ulibari hitting a retee birdie 3 on the par 4 427ft hole 13 over the lake. This shot made it onto SPORTCENTER. You should go check it out it was awesome. Kyle Hogan and Rob Galimi took 1st place in the advanced division and Big Jerm and Paul Ulibarri took home the pro win. Here’s the link to the Am results and here’s the Pro results.

Monday Qualifier saw a few of our hometown heroes qualify to play in the USDGC this year. Way to go Stephen Schroeder and Travis Chumley. I believe they shot 63 and 67 to get in. I know you guys will have a lot of hometown support throughout the coming week. Good luck to the both of you.

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Weekend Preview 9-29-16 Fri, 30 Sep 2016 03:09:53 +0000 Hello CDGC Members. I hope your looking forward to USDGC weekend as much as I am. If not, hopefully this article will get you more excited.

First we start off with Friday morning dubs with Matt Cheney at Dry Creek at 9:13am. What a fun and challenging place to play. If you’ve never had the chance to play this course it is very challenging and has everything you would want in a disc golf course. I would compare it to Kilborne with a little bit more wide open holes. The ace pool is up over $200. If someone doesn’t hit it soon I’m going to have to take a Friday off and give it a shot.

If you can’t make it that early you can head to Elon park for the Dynamic Disc 2 Disc Challenge. They are doing a flex start from 1pm-5:30pm. They are going to be playing Eager Beaver LONGS. This should be a lot of fun. If you haven’t played at this course it is fairly short with some quirky fairways thanks to Stan McDaniels love of fairway trees. The cost for this event is only $20 and you get 2 discs for your player pack.

Saturday starts out with the Discmania Combine Event. This event is essentially a tryout to be sponsored by Discmania and play for their team. There will be 4 events to compete in, putting, driving, approaching, and 1 round of golf at Renny Gold? It costs $100 to try out for the team in this event and it starts at 7am.

WHAT….its October already yikes. We got Winget Doubles with Tom Usselman starting at 10:15. The ace pool is starting over this week but there is still loads of fun to have with Tom and everyone else that shows up regularly.

If your in the North or feel like making a road trip there is doubles at Bradford park on Sunday as well. Tee time is around 12pm. I believe the ace pool is up over $100.

Then as if that wasn’t enough fun for you we got USDGC night putting league at Sugar Creek Brewery. Man, if you’ve never been to this putting league you have no idea what your missing out on. Please get out there and see what its all about. This is easily my favorite league when its that time of year. Theres $1,000 added cash, foursquare, music, beer, disc golf, and all your favorite players. Plus you will inevitably run into some really really good disc golfers with USDGC around the corner.


With some of you trying to qualify for USDGC I’m going to make it geared toward Winthrop. Its simple, minimize your mistakes by playing for par on every hole. I once had Ken Gill tell me, “When you start playing for par that’s when disc golf really becomes fun”. I never understood what that meant until I turned pro. For those of you who don’t know, Ken is the silhouette in the PDGA logo.  Think about Winthrop. If you get par on every hole you shoot a 67. Then you just pick maybe 4 or 5 holes that you have the best chance to birdie on and go for birdie only on those holes. Think about some of the tougher holes like hole 5, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13. If you just play for par on those holes, how much easier would that be. Everyone is always trying to hard on those holes and they get into trouble. Just play for PAR.

Thanks again for taking the time to read this article. I hope I got you excited for something.

Jeff White

Teacher, Disc Golfer, Football coach, and Friend to all.

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Weekend Recap 9-27-16 Wed, 28 Sep 2016 03:14:23 +0000 Hello CDGC Members. This past week was a little crazy for us all I’m sure. We had Thursday Sugaw League canceled due to the protest. I would imagine that’s the first time Jim Banbury has ever had to cancel Sugaw League for anything other than weather and I wonder if he has even ever canceled it for that.

Quite a few of the CDGC members made it all the way out to the Sneeky Pete Tournament. Then we had some crazy weather yesterday during Bailey Glow and Women’s League. Some of you may not have known that Charlotte Putting League actually happened last night. Lets get to the results.

Friday morning doubles was at Reedy Creek Stout. Twenty people showed up, and Marc Savard and Scott Carter ended up winning with Ryan Kenney and Adam Bell right behind them. There’s still a $200+ ace pool at Friday Am Dubs which rolls into Dry Creek this week.

This weekend we had the Sneeky Pete Tournament hosted by Chuck Spike Hyzer Connelly. Big Jerm finished in 3rd, Austin Turner got 8th, Henry Childress got 12th. Debbie Scott won 1st place in Open Women. Todd Hardesty place 6th and took last cash in Masters. Way to go Toad. Jason Hennard tied for 3rd in Advanced. Good job guys and gals way to represent CDGC.  Big ups to Philo Brathwaite, who’s an honorary Charlottean for winning open.

At Chuckers AM League we had Maison Bennett coming in first place followed by Reid Alexander and Ray Rivera. I didn’t hear of anyone hitting the ace pool, or the birdie pool. Chuckers will be ON this Saturday, and then off the following for USDGC.

Travis Chumley was the huge winner at Saturday Sanctioned Singles. This week it was at Bradford. He shot a crazy 50 to take down the pro division.

We also had the first week of Eastway Saturday Afternoon random draw doubles. Stephen Schroeder and his partner Derek Reavis won. No ace hit so the $16 will carry over to next weekend.

Sunday saw two leagues…Winget doubles. Evan Brennan-Smith and Mike “Chewy” Chmura tied for the win with the lone-wolf that paid double entry Brad Crowder shooting a stellar 43. Third place was Scott Smith and Steve Lambert. Scott Smith also cleaned out the $181 ace pool by hitting an ace on hole 3 and split it with his partner. Way to go Scott!

In the second Sunday league Bradford Sunday Dubs, Cliff Locklear took it down as lone wolf with a -11, Skeet Scienski and Nate York came in second with -9 and Allan McKinney and Kerry came in 3rd with a respectable -8. Bradford Sunday Dubs currently has an ace pool of $103 which wasn’t hit this week.

Monday night we had Women’s league hosted by Patricia Sisco. Tiffany Cubacub and Simone Johnson tied for first place. Hope you all stayed dry out there. I heard it sprinkled a little bit and you all finished in the dark and didn’t lose any discs. Thats always a bonus.

Bailey Glow was crazy. They had quite a few people show up despite the crazy weather. I heard it rained on them almost the entire round. Coming out on top in the soaking wet rain was Pepe Silvia and Kerry Staskel shooing -16.

Finally if you didn’t make it out in the rain you could have came out to the soft open of Charlotte Putting League. Huge shout out to those of you that came out early to help setup all the baskets and nets. We put together 28 baskets. For those of you who missed it check out the finals video.

There are a few new and exciting tweaks to foursquare league….I mean putting league. There are now nice soft bench seats that run all along the wall and in the middle for everyone to sit on when they are done playing or while watching the finals. We had 26 players show up and we ended up playing 10 rounds. It was a ton of fun.

The winner was Adam Bell and Kevin Burgess. They started out trailing Cliff Locklear and Brandon Little but came back and took over for the win. Don’t forget to get signed up for next weeks putting league on There is $1,000 added cash and its already 2/3 full. Don’t miss it like I did last year.

Also, I wasn’t able to attend but Will Schusterick had his driving clinic yesterday. I’m sure those of you that attended learned a thing or two that has already made you a better player. I hope to have some feedback from someone that went so I can share some more about this event in Thursday/Fridays article.

Slight look ahead. On Friday we have the Dynamic Discs 2 Disc Challenge at Eager Beaver longs. Yes I said it eager beaver longs. They have a flex start from 1pm to 5:30pm.

I want to take a minute and talk about donations. Its typically up to the tournament directors to find sponsors for tournaments. Well, as part of the CDGC I know we could all help out our local TD’s by asking our work, wealthy friends, and local business’ that we visit frequently. So, as a CDGC member I am asking for your help to find donations for up and coming tournaments. Donations can be anything from gift cards to money to merchandise. Pretty much anything you or someone else would want to win can be a donation. There are a few upcoming tournaments you can help with. First and probably the most important would be the Charlotte Children’s Championship on October 15th at Renske. The kids that are going to attend that event need all the donations they can get to grow the sport. This should be an easy sell. Then we have the Kilbourne Classic October 29th at…you guessed it Kilbourne park. Next tournament would be the Club Championship on November 15th at RL Smith. All these tournaments could use our help in finding ways to make the tournaments more enjoyable for us all. If you happen to receive any donations or need a point of contact for donations or questions about donations feel free to contact Matt Cheney or myself on Facebook via messenger.

Thanks again for taking the time to read this. Hopefully we will be able to get all league information posted in Tuesday/Wednesday article. Plus, please feel free to offer advice for things you would like to see added to these articles. Any and all feedback is appreciated.

Sincerely Jeff White,

Teacher, Disc Golfer, and Friend to All.


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